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Letter from Sgt. Wright in Regards to Vehicle Break-ins

posted Aug 5, 2010, 11:26 AM by Domain Admin   [ updated Sep 16, 2010, 9:02 AM ] of Farmington,

On the most recent incidents that occurred between Thursday, July 29th and Friday, July 30th, there were 14 vehicles broken into in the immediate area of the Forest View and Oak Knoll communities. 8 vehicles were on Betterton Ln; 3 vehicles were on Annandale Dr; 1 vehicle on Crisfield Rd. and 1 vehicle on Hedgecrest Pl. 1 vehicle was also broken into on Sipes Ln. in the Glenview community. Of those 14 cars, around 11 of them were accessed through either unlocked doors or open windows. One door lock was broken and one window smashed. The items taken include GPS units, a purse, radio, speakers, cash, and jewelry.

On the incidents over Tuesday, July 13th and Wednesday, July 14th there were 23 vehicles broken into. 1 vehicle on Fernmoss Ct; 13 on Hedgecrest Pl; 1 on Riddle Ct; 4 on Haybridge; 3 on Marionwood and 1 on Cranberry Nook Ct. Of the 23 cars, 16 cars were left unlocked/unsecured, 3 doors were pried/locks popped and 4 windows smashed. The items taken include GPS units, cash, golf clubs sunglasses and a wallet.

There have been several nights within the past month where a suspect(s) have done this in several areas throughout both Response Area 1 and the other two response areas within the University City Division. The number one item taken is global positioning units left in plain sight in unsecured vehicles. In only a handful of the GPS units stolen do we have the serial numbers available to put in the police report.

We have additional staffing scheduled to start tonight which will incorporate the places and times that we have seen areas of multiple incidents. This will be in addition to our regular patrols along the Hedgecrest corridor. We have had officers out in that area between 2:00am and 6:00am. We have documented some people walking in the area during that time but as of yet we do not have any positive leads. When any arrest are made in connection with these crimes we will let you know and share that with your communities.

Some things that could be useful in apprehending these individuals is if neighbors hear glass breaking sounds, loud banging or if they see anyone walking down the street looking into cars to call 911 as soon as they hear or see something unusual. Additionally, if residents could record the serial numbers to their electronics in the event of a theft it can make a difference in tracking down and identify offenders.

We have deployed additional resources in your community as well as the surrounding area to combat these property crimes. Our hopes are that if residents can remove their valuables and lock their cars along with our increased presence, we can reduce if not eliminate these types of property crimes.

Thank you,

Sgt. Wright
Domain Admin,
Aug 5, 2010, 11:32 AM